Privacy Policy

7DaySite will respect your privacy at all times. 7DaySite will not sell or make available in any way your personal information except where you have specifically asked us to. We will collect and use information you supply in the following ways:

  • Data that you provide when making an enquiry will be stored by 7DaySite and be used by 7DaySite to contact you, provide you with information relevant to your enquiry, unless You have asked us not to do so.
  • 7DaySite may periodically issue surveys. Data provided in any response by You may be used to develop services for 7Daysite.
  • 7Daysite may collect certain information when you use the site including details of your operating system, browser version, domain name and IP address, and the details of the web site You came from. This information will be used to monitor and subsequently upgrade the site and Services.
  • 7DaySite may use cookies to store information such as session identifiers and your User ID to allow us to identify whether You have previously visited the site and if You are a registered user of the site or not.
  • 7DaySite does not hold customers’ financial information.

Handling Your Data

You can request to have the Data you supplied deleted from 7DaySite’s records.

  • You agree to update your data if it changes.
  • 7DaySite will not sell your information to third parties.
  • You agree that 7DaySite may, if required by law, disclose your Data to any person empowered to request such information.


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